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Here at swarm we develop and provide expert applications and plugins for your responsive web design. The services we offer are very varied and range from creating mobile web development solutions and also responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and online forums using the latest word-press themes and plugins. With over 85% of consumers viewing a website before choosing to make a purchase or to visit the location based on the experience of the website: the usability, appearance and accessibility of your website is extremely important in the market of today.

Anything that is not listed below contact us via the contact us page to discuss your query and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a proposal and plan.

Website Design

We create all websites from scratch and get good quality detailed information from you, so you know when we create it that is tailored to your requirements.
All our websites come with your own domain name of your choice if available or we can use an existing domain you own.

We will create a dedicated logo for you website and business if you don’t already have one you’d like us to use!
All our sites come with 10 pre installed plugins to help with compatibility of the users screen size, safety & security and fast load times which is a core requirement these days.
Forms are a very important element on business websites. They allow users to interact with the site. Forms are also very useful for generating leads for a business.

The right contrast between the background of the website and content is one of the most basic yet most important web design principles that should never be overlooked. Good contrast between background and text e.g. black text on a white background makes your content legible and easy to read.

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Teaching & Coaching

Ever wanted to be taught how to use the internet for anything no matter your age?
At swarm we offer coaching and teaching courses from learning how to turn a computer on creating a user profile and learning how to connect and even use the internet for the first time all the way up to people who we can teach how to build a website all from picking your own website (domain) to getting your first real visitors to the website.

Have anything specific that we don’t have listed that you’d like to learn? it could be anything from learning how to stay safe and secure while using internet banking even to learning how to use specific programs for homework like Microsoft excel, word, power point.

Our teaching and coaching plans can be as little or as often as you would like we can come to your home for as little as an hour or for a whole day if its required.

Contact us via the contact page by email or phone and allow us up to 24 hours for us to get back to you.
(for more complex quieires allow 48 hours.)

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Need anything hosted on a fast local English dedicated server, then we can be the person your looking for we deal with all aspects of hosting from updates to new content and sub domains needing created.

We can even teach you how to do ll this yourself and can create video how to’s for you to follow if someone isn’t available immediately.

Use our contact form to get in touch and we will discuss your specifications and come to a fair price.

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Pc Repairs

We provide customised IT services and maintenance for PC’s, Mac and any other devices you may have including :- Replacing broken laptop screens, Password Problems, MacBook repairs, Fix windows 10 boot loops, Wipe & Re-Install windows, Data recovery, Computer backups, Replaced broken Keyboards, Virus & Maleware, Speed up your laptop, Replaced snapped hinges, Power cable problems.
We can cater to most PC issues just the amount of time required to get the job done may vary. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page and fill out as much information as we would require.

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Anti Virus

Whatever your device we have you covered. we can help you with anything from Windows, Mac to Android just get in contact and let us know your issue for a quote.

The term malware is short for malicious software, it is a collective term that includes: Viruses, Trojan horses, Worms, Rootkits, Key loggers. It is important to protect your device from these malware’s. Any device that is infected with any of the following could even effect other devices on the same network:

• We’ll remotely and securely connect to your computer
• If we can’t fix it for you, you get your money back
• Our experts are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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Personal Buissness Email

If your a new and upcoming buissness and dont feel the need to have a website just yet, you can always get a personalised email address so when contacting your clients you can look more proffessional.

If your buissness needs a personalised email if the website name you would like your potentional future website to be is avalible we can set you up with up to 5 personalised email addresses eg:-

[email protected]””
[email protected]””
[email protected]””
Contact us for more infomation and prices.

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Graphics Design

Here at Swarm we are able to offer you all your graphics design work that you may require for whatever your needs, from creating you high quality Logos for your buissness or designing labels for your brand.

Whatever graphics design work you need just contact us and we can discuss your needs and get back to you with a price for the work, furthermore you dont pay anything until your happy with the work that is done!

Below is a list of things that we can supply for you: 

• Instagram Template PSD Designs
• Powerpoint Presentations
• CV Designs
• Banner’s For Google Adwords 
• Facebook Cover Photos
• Logo Design
• Social Media Promotion Images
• Youtube Cover Templates
• Label Branding

Contact us below to find out more.

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Windows Upgrade + Microsoft Packages

Are you running an out of date old operating system such as Windows 7 / 8.1 or Vista? 

By upgrading to windows 10 you will recive all the new avalible core updates and have a fully secured system as these old operating systems dont come with the lastest secuirty updates which leaves your system vulnerable to hackers and old exploits where you can have backdoors installed and compromise all your important safe data.

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade your operating system to windows 10 would be for the improved speed of your computer as users using these old operating system will be blown away with the speed of windows 10.

By backing up your computer before upgrading you wont even lose any of your important files so theres no reason not to upgrade! Contact us for more infomation.

Do you do any work which requires you to have the useful benfits of Microsoft Word, Office, Excel or Powerpoint? 
While upgrading to Windows 10 we can also install all your most loved microsoft packages for as little as £25!

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