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About Me

The main purpose of having a website is to make you more money. I want to help you in succeeding with this goal and for your website to help you earn more money, I specialize in Holistic therapists websites.

My company Swarm ICT, Takes the time in getting to know about you and your business including the services that you offer and the products you sell in how diverse your needs are to your customers. I can help you to create an appealing, attractive, easy to navigate website for your client base to create an amazing portrait of your business which will encourage people to contact you. We mainly specialize in Holistic therapists websites and marketing as that is the area I’m most knowledgable about, and with my life choices and the path iv’e been led down but contact us to discuss any needs as we can do work for any industry.

I’m very passionate about creating websites and have been doing so for many years starting from just playing around for myself to creating my first CV on a website format for employers to look at instead of a generic paper version which made me stand out from the crowd. In all my website design projects my main goal is for my client to be happy and proud about that website that has been created for them. Having a modern website is only the start i love the marketing aspect as well as the website design so my goal is to help you earn more than the website costs which in time brings you more income than outgoings so everyone’s happy!

Services we can provide are;

– Web Design
– Re Design
– Maintenance
– SEO (search engine optimization)
– WordPress Updates / Backups
– Monthly Analytic Reports
– Ecommerce Websites + Updates
– Social Media Marketing / Management
– Free Logo Creation
We offer many other services so just feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and we can arrange a FREE 1 hour consultation to go over your needs and project requirements big or small, i look forward to having the opportunity to work with you, unlike other companies with massive costs involved our websites start from around £120 a month!