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We cater for all sizes of business or customers. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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About Swarm ict

Expert IT solutions for

Your Business

We can help you with all your IT needs, whether you run a business with multiple employees or whether you are a one man band. 

We are the best local agency with

5 + years experience

Depending on the size of your business & your requirements feel free to contact us today to discuss your needs.

365/7 Customer Support

We offer 365 support for all your needs whether you need to change an image or update some products. We are able to assist or give you the tools you need to make the changes yourself with full documentation.

Monthly Payment Plans

Unlike most other companies we give you the option of monthly payment plans so you can have a professional affordable website for the face of your business. We offer different plans for the size of your business

Complete Customization

Every website we build can be customized, so if you would like to change some of the images or if eventually you need to add additional pages this can be done with ease.

SEO & Analytics

We can help you with your SEO & Analytics or if you have already had an SEO report / strategy written up for your website we can help implement this into the design of the website.

What we do ?

Swarm ICT can offer you all kinds of

IT solutions

Web Development

If you are looking for help with designing and setting up your website feel free to message us to discuss your needs.


We can help you with your SEO for your website. The search engine optimization we provide will be accustomed for you.

Security Systems

If you are in need of security systems to be put in place for you we can help you decide on security cameras and install these for you.

Business IT Support

We can provide your business IT support for any version of windows server and for any size of business with up to 50 employees.

IT Support

If you are looking for IT support which may include setting up a new system or assistance with some new technology, we can help.

Custom Emails

If you are looking for a custom email plan for your business, then what we can offer you is a variety of plans starting at 5 personalized emails.

Get our services with a 20% discounted price today !

Fill in a contact form and get any of our services at a discount today! 

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Modern Solutions

Next level quality in

IT solutions

We strive to give you the best experience possible for all your IT needs.  

Responsive & Mobile friendly design

All of our websites are designed to work on any size of monitor and to work on all sizes of mobile devices.

Extended features & Lifetime updates

All of our websites are updated and backed up on a regular basis to ensure you are as secure as possible while running your business.

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Our main Areas

These are the areas in which we are best suited in to help with all of your needs.

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Web Development
Web Design