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Email spam filtering is one of the most valuable assets you can have when running a business. It is one of the most common areas for an attack on a corporate network.


There are multiple ares of attack but the most common ones are virus and phishing. It is extremely important that email systems are protected against spam for both incoming and outgoing emails.


Swarm ICT can help you get set up and secure with antivirus. There are multiple options depending on the size of the company or if you are a home user. We can help you decide what type of antivirus you will need and then help you get it set up on a variety of devices.


If you are running a business that uses a network the firewall is the first point of defense with the ability to protect you from an unauthorized attack from coming into the network.

The firewall in the best-case scenario would be a piece of hardware that acts as a barrier between your network and the internet.

The firewall is then set up and configured to protect your network from malicious attacks.


Having a strong password in 2021 is extremely important with most of the world now turning to use internet access at home. It is most important that your online information is protected. 


As you can see by the picture on the left, changing the length of your password to a few more characters really does make a big difference to your security. We are happy to advise and help in this area.